Campground Description

Noelville Family Resort is a quiet, family run seasonal trailer park and campground. We are situated on 46 acres of forest with approximately 1,400′ of beautiful Cambrian Shield waterfront including a 250′ clean sandy beach, boat launch and docking. Our park is very much a home away from home for many long-time seasonal regulars, as well as our vacationers and weekend visitors. For our guests we provide clean modern washrooms, showers and laundry facilities for your convenience, a small store, firewood, recreational equipment and cabin rentals if you want to try a true Northern Ontario camping experience. Whether you seek a getaway to go fishing, hiking, boating or to relax and just lay on the beach, we will offer you a restful and enjoyable experience. We hope that you will join us for your next vacation so that our home can be a place where your family will create great memories. Pets welcome!

Local Attractions

Beautiful French River district for those who want to explore the area of the fantastic Cambrian Shield.



Campground Amenities

  • Cabins/cottages for rent
  • Firepit (Campsites)
  • Firewood (Charge)
  • Flush Toilets
  • Pet Friendly
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Picnic Tables
  • Powered Sites
  • Seasonal Sites
  • Showers
  • Tap Water

Campground Services

  • Convenience Store
  • Laundromat

Campsite Types

  • 30 Amp Hookup
  • Powered RV sites
  • RV (<20 feet)
  • RV (<30 feet)
  • RV (<40 feet)
  • Sewer Hookup
  • Water Hookup


  • Basketball or Tennis court
  • Beach
  • Boat Launch
  • Dock
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseshoe Pits
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Outdoors games
  • Playground

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Please note that your site is not guaranteed until you have arrived and checked-in. Campground reserves the right to move your site as needed. 

Noelville Family Resort

Overnight Campers (Sites and Cabins) 

Rules & Regulations


Noelville Family Resort is not responsible for any loss, theft, injuries or damage of any property belonging to campers or their guests.  Your personal insurance policy on your property/possessions MUST cover ALL issues. 

Driving a motor vehicle or golf cart in the Park must be kept at a maximum of 10 km/hr at all times.  Please be cautious and watch out for others, especially children at play.

Drinking and driving ANY vehicle is against the law.

When leaving the park we recommend that you turn OFF your propane, turn OFF your lights, hot water, air conditioning and any additional electrical devices.  Turn your water off at the tap as well.  This is to protect your belongings in case of any incidents within.

The maintenance and cleanliness of each site is the sole responsibility of the camper. Please keep your site tidy and free of any unused materials and garbage especially behind your trailers.  Anything other than household garbage is the sole responsibility of the camper and must be taken to the local dump for disposal or taken home. All household garbage must be taken to the garbage disposal area on the property. This includes recycles as the part has no recycling pick up. Anyone found disposing of anything in the Park or forest areas will be evicted from the Park, without any refund or compensation.

If Management feels that your trailer or any structure on your site is unsafe   and your site is not being kept up, you will be issued a verbal warning to have the issues addressed immediately and if nothing is done within a reasonable amount of time, you will be issued a written notice to remove your trailer & all property from the Park with no refund or compensation of fees and a clean-up charge may apply.

Only ONE trailer is permitted per site.

Any modifications to a site must be approved by Management first and said modifications become the property of Noelville Family Resort.  Defacing of the natural environment (rocks, trees etc) on park property is prohibited.

Please be informed that the park is on well water and conserve whenever possible. Washing of trailers or cars is NOT permitted.

All guests of yours must be registered UPON ARRIVAL!!! There is a $5.00 charge per person, for overnight (14 years and older). If guests are not registered and approached they will be asked to leave the Park immediately and the host camper could face disciplinary action.  Late arrivals must come to the office the next morning to register & pay the overnight fee.

Please use the visitor parking for guests, not the empty lots or laneways. All personal vehicles must be parked on your own site.

It is the full responsibility of the campers to ensure that their family & guests are informed of ALL the Rules & Regulations of the park and they must abide by these rules.

Store hours – Please refer to the posted store hours on the door.

Dogs and cats are permitted in the Park and must be on a leash at all times on or off your site. A maximum of two pets only per site is allowed.  The poop & scoop rules apply throughout the Park. Visiting pets are permitted, the same rules apply.  To avoid complaints about barking dogs, please be diligent and keep your pets quiet for the respect of others.

Please do not let your children play on or near the docks and boats.

For Beach Rules, please abide by the posted sign down at the beach area.

Fishing off the docks is NOT permitted.  (Exception is the Kid’s Annual Fishing Derby from 9:00am to 12 noon on the specified date).  There is a fishing dock at the other side of the beach area for your convenience.

All music & loud noise must cease by 11:30 pm.  Please have respect for the other campers in the Park after this time. This will be strictly enforced.

The use of car stereos for your music entertainment is prohibited in the Park, and will be strictly enforced.

Noelville Family Resort will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any boats or motors, equipment or property stored on the boats that are moored on our docks.

Fire Bans must be STRICTLY adhered to!  Anyone disregarding this ban will be held responsible for the $2,000.00 Municipal fine and will be evicted from the Park, without a refund or compensation. The Fire Ban sign will be posted just inside the park entrance if a fire ban is in effect.

If you are emptying your fire pit, PLEASE do not dump ashes in the ditches or forest, make sure the ashes are cold to the touch and ONLY discard the ashes in one of the three RED steel drums labeled ASHES provided throughout the park.  If bins are full, please advise Management so they can be emptied.

The Occupants shall not cultivate, produce or distribute Cannabis anywhere on Park property, the Site, or in the Occupants trailer.

Lawful smoking & consumption of Cannabis is permitted on the Occupants site ONLY and is PROHIBITED in all common areas of the Park. NO CIGARETTE BUTTS to be put out in the ground.In the event that consumption or smoking of Cannabis on the Site is the subject of valid nuisance complaints by other Campers or Visitors, as determined solely by the Owners, the Owners may further restrict such on Site consumption or smoking as deemed by the Owner to be appropriate

No aggressive behavior, profanity, verbal abuse or physical abuse will be  tolerated in the Park.  If a disturbance is reported on your site regarding any of the aforementioned issues the individual/or family will be evicted from the park immediately without any refund of fees.

All complaints or concerns of any kind should be brought to Management directly and preferably at the time of occurrence, so immediate action can be taken.  Do not wait until the next day.

Management reserves the right to change the Park rules as required.

Please note that Noelville Family Resort is our year-round home and some of the above rules may not apply to us as Management.

All trail cameras and similar devices are prohibited on Noelville Family Resort Property. As per rule 38 the owners may use some of the mentioned equipment on the property.

The OCCUPANT(S) acknowledges and agrees that the OWNER has the right to require the OCCUPANT(S) to move their RV to another part of the Site, or to another Site altogether at no expense to the OWNER.  The OWNER may require such a move in the event of an emergency, to allow for infrastructure repair or replacement, for safety reasons, or for any other reason the OWNER in its sole discretion, deems necessary.

  1. There shall be no adjustment in fees because of temporary interruptions in any services provided pursuant to this License.  
  2. There will be an additional cleaning fee of $75 for the Cabin, Bunkie or General Cabin rentals if the building is not cleaned upon departure.  Please ensure that your rental is swept, garbage taken to the dump trailer near the exit of park, linens removed, and dishes washed and put away.
  3. Social Media – Noelville Family Resort manages various social media pages, and reserves the right to edit or remove postings, in whole or in part, for any reason, including those that: Express racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, slanderous, insulting, or threatening messages; Are aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene, or pornographic in tone; Are offensive to an individual or an organization, rude in tone, or otherwise abusive. Are not sent by the author or are put forward for advertising purposes; Are repetitive or spamming of threads; or are in any way contrary to law. Any OCCUPANT(S) or Guest acting contrary to these rules may be temporarily or permanently excluded from Noelville Family Resort media channels and subject to further action according to the Default and Termination section of the License of Occupation.  Any OCCUPANT(S) or Guest administering other social media pages or accounts aimed at defaming Noelville Family Resort, its staff or others are also subject to further action according to the Default and Termination section of the License of Occupation.

Cancellation Policy

Payment in full required at time of booking.   If need for cancellation, 1st night is non-refunable after booking.  If cancellation occurs within two weeks of arrival, the complete reservation is non-refundable.  Prior to two weeks of arrival date, then fully refundable other than the 1st night.

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